Our ten year goal


Equipping 1M people with the skills to build stronger relationships

Better Relationship Intelligence helps you turn up better to your marriages partners friendships workplaces communities

All relationships face hurdles.

4 Habits make the different between success and failure.

With already over 1.8million views, our Founders’ TEDx Talk provides an overview of The 4 Habits© we all need for successful relationships.

Watch it here…

Soulmates Academy Foundation provides Relationship Intelligence resources that are FREE at the point of delivery

Self-led courses for Small Groups in Not-for-Profits / Local Communities

Training and resources to equip Leaders in Not-for-Profits

Seminars/Webinars to equip First-Time Dads

Online group sessions to equip 16-25 year olds

Equipping talks for Schools, Colleges and Universities

Weekend retreats for front-line Public Service employees

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If you can see the damage that broken relationships cause at home, at work and in life, then we’d love it if you’d consider supporting us in our vision to transform the lives of individuals, communities, nations and the world.

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Soulmates Academy Foundation is a charity registered in England & Wales, charity number 1189169,  on 23 April 2020

Kingfisher House, Hurstwood Grange, Hurstwood Lane, Haywards Heath, West Sussex, RH17 7QX

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Charity Website: www.soulmatesacademyfoundation.org

Company Website: www.soulmates.academy

TEDx Talk: youtu.be/o4Y5Mr8rZ9A

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