International Stress Awareness Week

You may know that this week is International ‘Stress Awareness’ Week. 

Stress has become a part of everyday life – and dealing with it is hugely important for our happiness and the happiness of those around us.

Personally, we don’t see ‘dealing with it’ as managing the stress itself. Rather, we believe the best way to tackle it is by ‘managing self’ in a high-pressure, always-on world.

Last year – to mark ‘Stress Awareness’ Week – we wrote a blog called ‘3 Strategies for Minimising Stress, Improving Teamwork & Maintaining a Healthy Life Balance’ on our The 4 Habits site. It’s full of helpful tips and sound advice so you can better align your priorities and values and make the first step towards a less stressful work/life balance. 

In other news, we’ve been reflecting on Habit 1 of our ‘4 Habits of ALL successful relationships’. 

Habit 1 – BE CURIOUS, not critical – is all about helping you to build self-awareness and respect differences in others, to get over the hurdle of frustration that can come from unmet expectations. It’s often said that the key to a successful marriage is communication, but nonetheless, many people find it difficult to know how to talk about marriage with their partner, or indeed ask for marriage advice or talk about marriage problems that they may be experiencing. Habit 1 is all about improving communication through taking time to understand one another’s differences – and reduce the frustration that comes from unmet expectations! After all, we’re all wired differently. Improving your understanding of each other allows you to play to your respective strengths, rather than waste time and energy criticising differences.

You can find out more about The 4 Habits and how these can help your relationships with your partner, your work colleagues, and all the people you interact with by watching our TedX talk that now has more than 1.75m views! 

Best wishes, 

Andrea & John

Stress Awareness