Launching our new charity!

In July 2020 we officially launched our charity….
‘We’re really excited to announce our latest project…
Soulmates Academy Foundation our newly registered charity, created to extend our reach in equipping people across the nation with the skills to build stronger and healthier relationships, without the cost becoming a barrier.
Our ambitious goal is to equip 1 million people in the next 10 years. By working through communities, we will help people develop the skills to “turn up” better to all their relationships.
Through our charity offering, we aim to help as many people as possible understand what it takes to build a good relationship, regardless of whether this is your romantic relationship, your relationships with family and friends, or with your colleagues.
By offering relationship advice and relationship support (whether this be through webinars, or by face-to-face conversations and retreats), we help to educate people about what it means to have a healthy relationship and encourage better conversations and achieve better outcomes.
We look forward to having your support along the way!
Best wishes,
Jon & Andrea