All about Habit #3 – ASK, don’t assume

We hope that wherever you are, you and your families are happy and well and are coping in these strange times. For many of us, the current climate means that we will be continuing to work from home for a while yet! 

By now, most of us have gotten the technology sorted and figured out a way to make the physical space work, but the single most important factor that continues to determine success or failure in working from home is the ability to manage relationships well, both at work AND at home.

Over the last few months, we’ve been sharing one habit a month from our 4 Habits of All Successful Relationships. Today, let’s talk about Habit 3: ASK, don’t assume. This will help you have courageous conversations about core values and beliefs, to get over the hurdle of mistrust and disrespect that can creep into relationships. A key part of developing Habit 3 is to ASK for the help and support you need to make the relationship work, respect each other’s values and build healthy boundaries around the people and things that matter to you. Identifying the things that are really important to you and talking with your partner about them will help you to strengthen your relationship so you can enjoy a long, happy, and successful marriage/partnership.  

Best wishes for all your planning to make the most of the upcoming festive season! 

Jon & Andrea